Whether you have a new Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design or an existing PCB that you would like to re-design, we are equipped to help you with engineering service. With over 20 years of combined PCB engineering experience, we have the following capabilities:

Firmware/Software Development
Compliance with UL and CSA specifications
High-Speed Signal Design
Creation of schematics and generation of appropriate PCB files

Another key step is the layout of the SMD and through-hole components on the circuit board. We can provide:

Multi-layer circuit board layout
Creation of parts library
3D model CAD drawing (optional)
Keeping ease of assembly in mind

Prototyping is critical to making sure the board operates flawlessly. We will purchase bare boards and parts, and assemble the prototype boards. The prototype, schematic and Bill of Materials (BOM) will be sent to you for approval. At your request we can send you:

Gerber Files
BOM Files
Pick & Place Files
Layout (optional)
3D model CAD Drawing

With the customer's permission, every single circuit board gets tested before shipping. We take testing very seriously.

Every PCB is tested
ESD is observed and used through out the facility
Circuit boards are then packed into ESD bags