Microtech was established out of a vision shared by two young men, who are all well experienced in computer and embedded system field about 20 years.

With creative idea, zero-defect strategy, advanced view, breakthrough working and continuous improvement. Accuracy, productivity and value to meet the changing needs of today and tomorrow.

Microtech's hard working and excellent performance not only allow itself to grow speedy but also to be recognized significantly by it's customers all over the world.

We are OEM/ODM desing house since 1999.

ODM; Schematic, EMI, Layout, PCB, PCBA, Smt and Dip Line, Final testing, and packing.

Desktop and notebook memory PCB desing

Thin PCB desing for SD, MMM, RSMMC

Customer based ODM projects such as IP Camera, GPS Car Tracking, Mobile DVR, Bluetooh Dongle, Bluetooh Handset, USB Flash Drive, Mp3 Player, TV cards, ADSL modem

Customer based M2M Module such as GPS Module, RF Module , Zigbee Module , Bluetooth Module, Wifi Module etc.

MCM (Multichip Module), Wire Bonding, IC Testing, Module Testing

Microtech's understanding of customer needs and engineering development expertise results in the ability to provide stand-out solutions to the most complex problems.

Our behavioural principles help us achieve our vision. We believe we can:

Be the influence

We create impact by using our initiative, sharing our success and collaborating at every opportunity.

Make things happen

We move with our customers in a responsive and dynamic way to develop solid relationships and new technologies that resolve complex issues.

Pursue excellence

From the quality of our people to the service we provide, we must instill complete confidence in each other, our customers, suppliers and stakeholders every step of the way. 

Build the partnership

We build the partnership through informed advice, expert engineering, strategic thinking and human understanding.